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Space Times is a respectable newspaper that focuses mostly on happenings inside CPG space.


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A Family Affair

Massive Structure Found Deep Below The Surface Of Larson’s Rink

A massive complex of tunnels and rooms was found 10 km below the surface of Larson’s Rink. The complex appears to have been built long ago. The sprawling network of tunnels and rooms extends for over a kilometer with the average ceiling height of 10 meters. Scientists have been flocking to Larson’s Rink in order to study the find, but no official team has been formed yet.

The Joining

Riots break out on Palith

Riots have broken out in the two major cities on Palith following the increased security measures put in place to deal with the Blood Slaver threat detected on planet earlier this week. CPG declared a state of emergency on Palith when it’s garrison was overrun by a mob protesting the increased security measures instituted to keep the citizens safe. A small team of Silver Eyes were sent to the planet and successfully dealt with the Blood Slaver threat, but are now on extended duty assisting CPG forces keep the peace.

Sources inside CPG military command report that Martial Law is not off the table and may be implemented if the current forces and the incoming reinforcements are unable to control the riots.

Test Drive

Clan Talis Sentence Carried Out

Gelphi – In the wake of their brutal attack on Anderson’s Landing, the Coalition of Planetary Governments captured and put to trial Clan Talis. Today the sentencing was carried out. Leaders of the clan were executed and all other members were given a lifetime sentence working in the The Mire.

Tainted Blood

Terrorists Captured

Gelphi – The Coalition of Planetary Governments’ Justice Department announced today that they had captured the Sky Clan terrorists responsible for the attacks on Anderson’s Landing. Clan Talis became galaxy wide names when it was discovered that they had attacked the colony on Anderson’s Landing in a act of unprovoked barbarism. An official from the Justice Department stated that the Trial is scheduled to begin by the end of the week, “Now that the investigation is over and the suspects have been apprehended we do not intend to delay the justice for the families of the victims.”

Time Flies

CPG Welcomes Vampire Traitor

Gelphi — The Coalition of Planetary Governments announced today that Fujita Mason, former Sheriff in the Vampire Nation would be working in an advisory capacity within the Planetary Observation Service. “I believe that Fujita has the potential to help soothe out any misunderstanding that we might have with the Vampire Nation.” said Rory Clayton, Mason’s new supervisor. “Whatever his current relations with the ruling councils, Fujita knows what their traditions are and will be invaluable in avoiding missteps.”

A source who wished to remain anonymous inside the Central Government disagreed. “That man can’t be trusted. He betrayed his people, we have no evidence that he won’t do the same to us.”

Given recent events it comes as no surprise that CPG is trying to get more insight into the inner workings of the Vampire Nation. Is it worth the risk that comes along with sheltering a Vampire? Much less a traitor to his own people. Time will tell.

Fujita Mason was not available for comment.

Space Times

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