The Burlan-Fisar System

The Resource Production Corporation‘s most recent effort is the Burlan-Fisar System. Consisting of 15 planets most of which have at least one moon the previously unclaimed system holds substantial resources. The Blue Giant in the center of the system makes it unappealing for most other uses so RPC was able to purchase the system with little contest. RPCS Homunculus has already begun breaking the fifth planet apart while it’s support ships begin to mine the newly formed asteroids.

The fourth planet is the only one reasonably habitable and has one large city, RPC Operations Center #27, to support the mining efforts. Referred to as ‘the Two-Seven’ by the locals the city is mostly a massive industrial complex with a substantial spaceport as well.

The crew bought out TW Consolidated, a small independent bank in the Two-Seven. Their main competition is the corporate bank of RPC. TW is quite popular with the locals despite being very small due to the simple fact that it is not associated with RPC. However, RPC takes a rather dim view of others trying to break in on their markets and has been trying to run the bank out of business.

The Two-Seven

The Burlan-Fisar System

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