The Gelphan System

The Gelphan System is a major hub of commerce in the galaxy. Currently the system has one planet, Gelpi, slightly larger than earth converted almost entirely in factories. The system has many space stations at various points for docking, repairs, covert meet ups, and more. The CPG has one of their main offices in orbit of Gelphi. Even with a large station which keeps a close eye on the underworld Gelphi has a vicious and thriving black market lead by The Steel Brothers.

The planet used to be powered by a massive solar dish in orbit between it and the sun. However, recently the sun mysteriously turned into a black hole. After a week of power outage a new orbital science station that is capable of drawing energy directly from the singularity was installed. The station is run and owned by the reclusive venture capitalist Tyger. There has been some speculation that Tyger caused the sun to be destroyed in order to make even more money. Why else would he have had the technology ready to solve this crisis and the infrastructure in place to do so so quickly.

Sharing the same orbit as the planet are two large collections of asteroids that have been hollowed out and turned into the offices for the owners of the plants on the planet.

The System once contained 12 other planets, but they have been completely harvested for their resources over the many decades that the planet has been operating as a production facility.

Inside the industrial complex on Gelphi

The Gelphan System

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