The Great Pilgrimage

What if you could become a Mage, a god who walks among mere mortals? All you had to do was touch a Watchtower.

No one knows where the idea came from but it spread like a virus. It spread from system to system and the ships gathered by the thousands and people by the millions. Each ship crammed with the fools. It was believed that the Watchtowers were in a physical location but it was not known where. The rag-tag fleet flew into deep space, a place where darkness engulfed everything.

That’s exactly what it did too, like sheep to the slaughter. Millions of people were sacrificed to the Abyss. A few ships managed to get free, but many of the passengers bear the scars of that event.

Running for the safety of their home worlds, they were only met with another threat. They were living symbols that the Abyss still existed. These poor souls were hunted and slaughtered by the very gods they were trying to become.

The Great Pilgrimage

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