The Lightspeed Chronicle

The Lightspeed Chronicle focuses mostly on issues external to CPG. Sometimes that is other supernatural groups or splinter factions, other times it is interesting phenomenon outside of standard travel lanes.


Articles are linked to Adventure Log posts they were seen in and the most recent are at the top of the page.

A Traitor Lurks

RPC rumored to be planning to salvage The Vampire Nation homeworld

Sources inside The Thann Protectorate and Resource Production Corporation claim that the newly combined factions are planning on sending an RPC expedition to the Vampire Nation Homeworld to break the planet apart and salvage the materials and minerals left behind. Two Extractor-class ships are being prepped for the mission now in order to make the most of the small window they will have once the planet has been evacuated and before the sun goes nova.

As news of the operation spread across the world panic spread through every kingdom other than The Thann Protectorate, though the amount varied from kingdom to kingdom. Despite the panic, no official complaint or statement denying the plan has come from any of the governments of the Kingdoms or RPC.

A Family Affair

Experts Warn Of Unusual Spirit Activity

Supernatural experts are warning that Spirits and other ephemeral entities have increased activity on remote worlds. The cause of this activity is yet unknown, but has been increasing for some time. Additionally, some of these spirits are exhibiting unusual behavior. Including the capacity for deceit and increased intelligence.

Celestial Empire Once Again Preparing A Crusade

Sources inside The Celestial Empire indicate that the enigmatic nation is preparing another crusade. Targeting Blood Slavers and their associates this crusade appears to be different than their past ones as The Blood Slavers no longer have any known worlds. It appears that the Celestial Empire will be engaging in an extended search and destroy mission.

It is as of yet unclear what this will mean for the former Vampire Nation. Given past crusades it seems safe to assume that the Empire will go after some groups of Vampires. However, our sources inside the empire have been unable to determine the extent that non Blood Slavers will be targeted.

The Blood Will Tell
Terrorists Strike Vampire Homeworld

A few weeks ago a group of Terrorists known only as Seven attacked cities across the Vampire Nation Homeworld. As if the artificial destruction of their sun wasn’t enough, these terrorists struck sites across the planet. Information about the attack is scarce due to the vampire’s untrusting nature and the unwillingness of any member of government to give an interview. However, we do know that Seven is a new threat to the vampires, possibly even the work of an external force trying to get a few blows in while they are distracted.

Test Drive

Dismal Void Vortex Discovered

Last week an explorer ship reported the fascinating discovery of a vortex in the Dismal Void. The vessel was able to trace the vortex to it’s end point in The Bilex System. Travelers are advised to keep clear of this area while it’s the full extent of it’s power is researched. RPC has begun a full investigation into the phenomenon and the official word is that they will release updated Dismal Void maps when they have analyzed the full extent of the Cthonic Disturbance.
Time Flies

Celestial Empire Now Accepting New Members

Gelphi — The Celestial Empire shocked everyone today when they announced that they would be accepting applications into their nation. Potential citizens can apply and take an aptitude to see if they would fit in in the empire and what job they would hold. A spokesman said “We will now welcome all talented individuals who wish to learn from the best and push their skills to the max.” The CPG has not yet released a statement in response to this announcement, however, RPC was quick to start slinging the mud and reminding everyone of all of the questionable decisions the Celestial Empire has made in the past.

The Lightspeed Chronicle

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