The Pure

When the children of Earth first discovered the Stygian Gate system, werewolves were caught up in the gold-rush. Packs of the Forsaken and the Pure vied to establish new territories on virgin hunting grounds. However, Mother Luna’s curse still weighed on the nine tribes, no matter how far from her they might flee. The Forsaken could only be forgiven if they were near Mother Luna during their first change; they were tied to Earth by this bond.

The Pure were free to establish their hunting grounds, to finally realize their quest to recreate Pangaea.

On some particularly undeveloped worlds, the Pure can literally get away with murder. Stories of Werewolves hunting humans is an open secret on the edges of space.

In the most ancient tales Father Wolf imprisoned the most powerful spirits who violate the physical without permission in “prisons beyond the sky” (Werewolf:tF p37). The Pure trust the judgement of Father Wolf. They keep vigil, to ensure that neither mankind nor other supernaturals locate and release (accidentally or by design) any spirits better left forgotten.

Bale Hounds are not confined to Earth like the tribes of the moon are. These are decadent followers of pain, hatred, greed, fury, violence and sin. The Pure hold these unbelievers to be just as hateful as the Forsaken. However, Bale Hounds dwell in shadow, and cloak themselves in the guise of the Righteous, making them even more dangerous.

Mankind is powerful in a way. Human emotions, fears, desires, they all give strength to spirits. Too many humans making too many spirits too powerful upsets the natural order. The Pure keep order the way they judge best, by thinning the human herd.

The Pure hate Mages of all stripes. Mages are mere humans, prey animals who were given unearned powers. Now these mages think they can usurp the Werewolves power to commune with and control spirits with no repercussions?

The Pure

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