The Realm of Rattling Bones

Little is known about this realm as it is outside of any of the commonly traveled paths. The realm is a combination of desert and badlands, with no structures to speak of, but great canyons. The majority of the ground is a baked and fractured mud, but there is constantly sand blowing in the wind. Hollow bones are strewn around the realm in a haphazard way. The entire realm seems to be in a constant mid-day heat with a sun and it’s heat clearly present though not visible in the sky.

There are many ghosts floating around fighting for what shade there is in the realm. A terrible chorus of wailing echoes from the canyons and out onto the desert.

Old Laws:
The Bones Of The Fallen Shall Not Be Disturbed
Thirst Cannot Be Quenched
Those Who Enter The Canyons May Not Leave
Let No Head or Back Be Covered

It is bordered by The River of Blood and The River of Bone Dust

The Realm of Rattling Bones

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