The Shadow Dredgers

Parts of humanity have left their old faiths behind on Earth. Luckily for some of them, there were evidence of new — or rather, old — gods waiting for them that a new religion grew into that void.

These Lords of Mercy, while not overtly hostile, are rarely as pleasant as the gods of prominent religions from before. They are as diverse as the Stygian Gates themselves, though there are commonalities in them — and those messages they manage to clearly communicate.

No Lord of Mercy has a form even approaching humanoid, though many seem to incorporate aspects of humanity: faces, eyes and hands being the most common elements. As for their words, they “preach” messages of unity. Thus, Shadow Dredgers believe that humans (and near-humans such as vampires and werewolves) should stand together for the benefit of all.

The Shadow Dredgers are aware of the nature of the Dismal Void, and look forward to uniting humanity — literally, as well as figuratively — with each other across time, space, life and death; a goal which, once attained, will shed humanity’s destructive and materialistic tendencies.

The Shadow Dredgers, as an organization, roam the darkest parts of the universe looking for relics and locations related to the creators of the Stygian Gates. They tend to be zealous in their pursuit of their new gods. And, for that matter, anyone who they believe might have encountered the same.

Members of the organization commonly wear symbols of the Stygian Gate from the earth system. These pendants or insignia often have bright colors used to draw the runes on the gate.

The Shadow Dredgers

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