The Sky Clans

The Sky Clans emerged from their corner of the galaxy roughly 30 years before the CPG was formed. They form Clans of varying sizes which all seem to be a family unit. The Clans are primarily traders, but are known to raid small systems and take slaves or property. Holding space travel to almost a religion they never raid ships, stations or anything related to space travel. They rarely settle in a system for long preferring to remain on their ships. As a whole they tend to be smarter, faster, stronger and better educated than most people. Those few who have seen the inside of their ships and were familiar with such things report that they seem to be both homemade and also highly advanced. It is suspected that they have their own shipyards hidden somewhere, but after it’s initial creation all repairs are done by the crew themselves.

Internally the refer to themselves as “The People” and outsiders are called “Balim” which roughly translates to “those who crawl”. They have a very xenophobic attitude towards anyone not “of a the people” (Not in a Clan). They are especially derisive of land dwellers. While difficult and uncommon it isn’t unheard of for someone to marry into a Clan and inter Clan marriages are common (in fact almost required as inbreeding is strictly forbidden).

While they are still mostly on the fringes of the galaxy, their presence is felt in the systems they frequent. Once you have earned their respect they will be fair and polite. Should you earn their ire expect no mercy and swift retribution.

Operating almost entirely in space they acknowledge the CPG only when they have to. What little interactions they do have tend to be when a large clan gets too close to what the CPG considers important. These encounters are not typically peaceful.

The Sky Clans

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