The Tri-Vault

Deep in the heart of the jungle of The Mtetwa System there is a section of the jungle where the ground is dried and cracked. The underbrush has withered and died, only the massive trees that create the canopy remain. Almost no light gets through their branches, however, the area is permeated with a sickly green light and a scorching, dry heat, like a desert or forge. Many totems and strange statues are scattered around this area of the forest. A faint scent of disease and decay permeates the entire area.

The trees appear to sway when there is no breeze and their branches move unnaturally. Many of the tree trunks have been carved into and are leaking a thick sweet smelling sap. You feel unwelcome and uncomfortable, like you are being watched.

Near the center of the area there is a clearing with a twisted mound of massive roots twice as high as a house. There are three gaps in the roots roughly twice as high as a man. The clearing is bathed in the sickly green light which emanates from the holes and small gaps in the roots. Scorching heat flows from the holes and a faint howling of wind can be heard from within. If you listen closely you can hear voices on the wind, but the words are too faint to make out. As you approach the hairs on your back rise and Mattias Quincy’s Unseen Sense goes wild.

Entering the gaps there appear to be stairs spiraling down into the earth beneath the mound. Continuing on a large cave illuminated by the green light opens up. The heat is almost unbearable and the air is quite stale with a hint of smoke and char. Roots from the trees in the area pierce the ceiling and weave together to form large columns sinking into the floor of the cave. The stairs continue for about 40 feet until the reach the bottom of the cave. At the bottom of the cave in the center is the source of the light, a pool or portal of some kind.

The Tri-Vault

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