The Vampire Nation

The Vampire Nation is in the process of fracturing. The foundation of their society, a place to hide from the rest of the universe, is no longer safe. The attack on their star has caused a slow evacuation of the main planet. While the elders are attempting to migrate everyone to a new, location undisclosed, planet to maintain their power base many of the younger or less powerful vampires have resisted. Instead they seem to be looking at re-integrating themselves with the rest of the universe.

The structure of the Vampire Nation has remained unchanged (until recently) for centuries. Each Kingdom in the Nation has control over it’s domain and there is a loose alliance between the Kingdoms. There is a central council who is ruled by the Imperator or Imperatrix. The most recent Imperator, Byron, had ruled for over two hundred years before being subverted by the Blood Slavers 20 years ago. Rumors about claiming that the was blood bonded to one, or that he was turned into one, but the council has been less than forthcoming with the truth so far.

There are nine major Kingdoms on the Homeworld, Malin Alvers, Albion, Kelshal, Har Walium, The Thann Protectorate, Isles of Mephist, Pax Sanctus, Jahm and Vath Mel Dralian. Each of these Kingdoms rules over a section of the planet and many other lesser planets. The Kingdoms are broken down into Duchies which are in turn broken down further.

Each Kingdom is controlled by a Covenant.

Covenant Kingdom Description
Invictus Malin Alvers Devestated and fractured by the Blood Slavers
Invictus Kelshal Brutish politics
Invictus The Thann Protectorate Benevolent Dictatorship
Ordo Dracul Albion Migrating to an unknown location
Ordo Dracul Jahm Thinkers, Tinkerers and Builders
Circle of the Crone Har Walium Progressive and Socialist
Circle of the Crone Isles of Mephist Private and
Lancea Sanctum Pax Sanctus Traditional and Rigid
Lancea Sanctum Vath Mel Dralian Mysterious and Isolationist
Carthians Exiled Colonies Outcasts and Idealists

The Vampire Nation dwells somewhere past the Light’s Edge, much of their domain is now known to the rest of the universe, however, there are still worlds that remain uncharted.

The Vampire Nation

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