The Triclave is a Consipracy sized Krewe (Sin-Eater faction) that Roger is a part of. They believe that in the early years of the universe there was an ancient race, the Vul’Shin, that walked amongst the stars. In those days there was no underworld, no shadow: Spirits, ghosts and the Vul’Shin interacted freely. The Vul’Shin were long lived with lives stretching on for millennia, and had no fear of death, to them it was merely another state of being.

As the universe started to expand and cool ghosts began to fade from view and become immaterial. The Vul’Shin were dismayed at the prospect of loosing their friends and their ‘immortality’. As the worlds seperated not all Vul’Shin became ghosts when they died. They desperately sought any means necessary prevent the split of worlds that was depriving them of their eternal existence. They pursued any idea no matter the cost to the universe for they had become a race obsessed. No one knows what happened to the last of them.

The ghosts of the Vul’Shin have warped in appearance and become rigid in duty with the passing of time cultivating the underworld, viewing it as their own. They have become the Kerberoi that we know today.

Some of the Vul’Shin took notice of the other races that were beginning to form in this new environment and realized that they could not survive in the Vul’Shin’s native environment. They decided that they would try to guide and shepard these others together they could achieve something akin the the Vul’Shin’s immortality. They formed pacts with spirits to strengthen themselves for the task ahead and then when they died they became Geists so they could bond with mortals and achieve their goal. They do not agree with the other Vul’Shin who would sacrifice anything to relive their former glory.

The Triclave fears that they Vul’Shin have or are attempting to return the universe to it’s former state. Even if they have died out long ago their plan could still be in motion slowly shifting the universe.


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