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Universe Today is a newspaper that focuses on interesting stories. Any story they publish typically has some ‘juice’ to it and they try to have a reporter on scene for each article.


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A Traitor Lurks

Palith once again in turmoil

The citizens on Palith once again rose up in riots when new evidence about the martial law decree came to light. Citizens were outraged to learn that the government of Palith was requested that the martial law decree not be lifted for an additional two weeks after the riots were dispersed. Anonymous sources inside Palith’s leadership state that the primary concern was re-surging riots, fears which seem to be merited, ironic though the source may be.

CE opens embassy’s on CPG worlds

In a surprising turn of events The Celestial Empire announced today in conjunction with the Coalition of Planetary Governments that their period of isolation was ending and that they were opening up full diplomatic ties with the CPG. Starting with an embassy on Dragonfly and Gelphi. An official announcement from the Empire stated “We have been isolated from the rest of the galaxy for far too long. It is time we return to the greater galactic community and share what we have learned during our isolation.”

Additionally, the Empire has noted that they are opening up an outreach center on New Charon to help the struggling planet become part of the rest of the galactic community. This surprising move has gathered significant popular support from citizens. Details of the extent of their aid and support for the planet have not been released yet, but are expected to be announced before the end of the month.

Prophecy from the Past

CPG and RPC forming a Mutual Defense Pact?

Sources inside RPC and CPG report that the two organizations are reportedly in talks to formalize the relative good relations they have had until now. Citizens of each should be able to rest easier soon as the two work together to make sure that they are safe from splinter factions of the Vampire Nation, a Celestial Empire crusade and the dwindling, but ever present Blood Slaver threat. The details of this pact haven’t been finalized, but it seems certain that the two will remain separate entities and only increase their collaboration to better protect their citizens.

A Family Affair

Population of Tashet Happily Integrating Into The Celestial Empire

Reports from Tashet indicate that after the Celestial Empire Symposium the population is mostly looking forward to Joining the Celestial Empire. Top reasons were the improved quality of life and increased safety that the Empire would provide. Officials from the Empire were unwilling to share details of the transition, but claimed that once everything had been finalized with the government of Tashet the details would be announced.

The Joining

Transduction Electronics Founder Tried In Secret

Dr. Madeline Maloney was tried earlier today in a closed hearing. Sources inside CPG state that the trial was short and that she plead guilty on all but one count. She has been sentenced to life in prison, the location of which has not been disclosed. It is still unclear if she will be held accountable for the monetary damage she caused.

The Blood Will Tell
Transduction Electronics founder caught!

The founder of Transduction Electronics, Dr Madeline Malony, was captured yesterday after years of pursuit. CPG officials stated that they had been closing in on the Doctor for weeks now. Madeline is wanted for multiple crimes of blackmail, fraudulent bio-technical practices and stealing state secrets. She is expected to be sentenced to life in jail. Sources close to the case inform us that she may never even see trial, as CPG fears she may try and use a public trial to expose what she knows.
New Sea Swept Tower Expedition Announced

A powerful Changeling claiming to be the “King of Autumn” announced yesterday that he was planning an expedition to the Sea Swept Tower. He has amassed a fleet of ten ships full of followers and treasure seekers who hope to discover and plunder the secrets of the tower. It seems doubtful that he will have any more luck than the countless attempts to breach it’s walls.

Blood Slavers Spotted on Palith

As if the planet Palith didn’t have enough troubles with their rising crime, a group of Blood Slavers have been spotted on the planet today. So far they have kept to the wilderness and have not attacked either of the settlements, but are near a Shadow Dredger archaeological dig north of the settlements. Our hearts go out to those researchers and we hope they can keep their site secure until the garrisoned troops can deal with the beasts.

Test Drive
Planetary Dynamics lab raided, Adherents of Unity implicated
The Planetary Dynamics lab on Dragonfly was raided by a small group of eight masked men last night. Seven security guards were killed in the raid and three more were injured. Our reporters on the scene say that it appears the intruders blew a hole in the wall of the facility and shot their way in to one of the inner labs. CPG investigators let slip that the Adherents of Unity are a suspect in the case, but would not say why.

Planetary Dynamics officials have yet to release a statement. However, this lab is known to be one of many R&D labs the company has specializing in mechanical/biological hybrids. Stock in the company has dropped 20% since the break-in was discovered which has led some to believe that competitors like Tyger Industries might have been involved.

Time Flies

CPG Strike On Yuggoth Success

Earth — The Coalition of Planetary Governments announced today that their military strike on a major Blood Slaver base completed it’s first stage yesterday. Located on the planet Yuggoth the base was a major communications and organizational hub for the Blood Slavers. With this base out of action Command believes that the major Blood Slaver threat is over.

Inside sources claim that the mercenaries were critical to the success of the mission. “The Silver Eyes played an important role in keeping the mission from delaying too long. Their refusal to wait for proper procedure cost them some of their pay, but got the job done ahead of schedule.” It seems that the so called Silver Eyes, named for the artificial eye each leader have, aren’t the types to just sit by and wait for permission. We were able to contact the man who lead the mission on the ground, truly not someone you’d like to be in the same room as. When asked for details about his mission he merely stared at us, one eye artificial, the other pure, jet black and said “Get that camera out of my face.”

Universe Today

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