The future is bleak. Sure, we’re out among the stars, but we only came out here because we’re running out of resources. Food, fuel, breathable air. All of it. The problem is, we’re not alone and now we know it.

Blood-drinkers, men who’ve gone feral, disciples of ancient civilizations and still stranger beings departed Earth with us, and the farther we went, the more obvious it became. And the less it seemed to bother us.

As with all things, though, humanity has adapted. The supernatural communities exert influence where they can and corporations effectively rule the spaces that governments don’t. Chief among them is the Resource Production Corporation, which through a combination of pressure and corruption, has amassed enough wealth and power to significantly challenge even the Coalition of Planetary Governments in open space. The tension between the two creates cracks through which dangerous forces are unguarded.

This is where you come in. After it became clear that no one else was going to prevent ancient artifacts, bestial foes and unknown powers from destroying the lives of anyone who happens to be in their path Maestro decided he’d just have to step up and create an organization that would. Gathering a few like minded individuals they set out to shape history.

This is not a tale of agents of an all powerful organization manipulating the events of the galaxy. This is a tale of sin and failure, a story about doing what you have to do and not what you want to do. This is not what the history books will say, this is how it really happened. This is a how that organization was formed. This is the Infinite Macabre. You are the Shadows in the Void.

Shadows in the Void

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