Shadows in the Void

Cipher (part 1)

Specialists needed, experience required.

The Hedge War is over and won and the Dead Dreaming is preparing to leave Aequinoctium. Disaster strikes their allies, however, jeopardizing their entire mission!


John Martindale helped Stenton escape to freedom after returning from Arcadia, stating that he thinks everyone deserves a second chance. Stenton, with John’s help, met up with the crew to complete their deal, using their bottled dreams as a means of escape.

Chloe Quincy, somehow aboard The Celestial Empire scout ship and claiming that her sister Suzanna never left her corporate job, called desperate for help. The Celestial Empire’s genetic modifications have started rapidly mutating, with the effects exponentially worse the more modified they are. Chloe has “drafted” the crew and wouldn’t you know, they just happen to have a geneticist.



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