Galvan Baer

Overseer of The Mire


Galvan Baer became the overseer of The Mire when his immediate superior decided to tour The Mire and was killed in a prisoner attack. Since then Galvan has proved to be quite an excellent overseer of the penal colony. While his superiors were initially dubious of promoting him, he has decreased the staffing of Corrections Officers by 5% while increasing peat production by over 15%.

He is known to have a colored past that was not always on the side of the law, and he attributes his past to his current success. He claims that he is able to better understand those imprisoned on the planet. He has even been accused of striking deals with powerful self-styled rulers of various inmate populations in order. Regardless of these accusations Galvan has proven himself to be an indespenible cog in the CPG prison system.


Galvan Baer

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