Mattias Quincy

Awakened ex-mercenary pilot


Maestro is a well known name in certain circles. For almost twenty years he and his partner Savant lent their services to the highest bidder, selling their considerable military expertise to all sorts of budding empires, corporations and even pirate groups. They developed a reputation for being able to achieve incredibly precise outcomes, ensuring that events ended up almost exactly as their employer had intended.

However, a man can’t live like that forever. Eventually Mattias (commonly called Matt) decided to leave the war trade and get married, having 2 daughters, Chloe and Suzanna. But finding work was very difficult, even then. He was soon called back into battle by the profit that could be made there. There was no question between leaving his family in poverty and living as a mercenary.

As time went on it started to seem like a less and less of a good idea. His daughters grew up without him, and when his wife took ill he was forced to quit mid-campaign to be with her while she died. After her funeral he was approached by his old client, asking him to return to the war. Mulling it over, he realized he’d lost his taste for combat, and refused.

During the client’s visit Matt’s daughters discovered his trade and had very different reactions. Chloe was beginning to work in the shipping trade herself, and understood her father’s position. Suzanna, however, was well on her way to a successful career in the corporate world, going to a good university and doing well is ‘respectable’ society. She rejected her father’s life choices and he hasn’t spoken to her since.

Since then he’s worked as a private shipper, using his considerable piloting skills to eke out a living on the fringes of space. His and his partner’s meteoric path through the stars has left him with a deeply polarizing reputation, a reputation he’d rather leave behind.

Mattias Quincy

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